Photographer and director Baptiste Deturche is exhibiting his work at the Pôle Culturel de Vaujany.

From 21 June until the end of the summer, you can admire, free of charge in Vaujany, a dozen photographs taken from his film “Le Pari”.
These images highlight five increasingly rare and threatened species in our mountains: the mountain galliformes.

Mountain galliformes? But what are they? They are very special birds that can be found in our mountains, from the forests to the summits. This family includes the black grouse, the capercaillie, the hazel grouse, the rock ptarmigan and the rock partridge.

A word from the author

“With a scientific background in the environment and documentary filmmaking, I put all my knowledge at the service of the image and the environment.
I have been lucky enough to work for some of the great names in French wildlife cinema, such as Anne and Erik Lapied, for whom I have made several images. I also edited Daniel Rodrigues’ film, framed for the film “Echilibru, dans la peau de l’ours” by Jérôme Fatalot, Victor Jullien and Eve Cerubini and in 2020 I directed my first film, “Fjellrev, la quête scandinave”.

My leitmotif is awareness. What’s the point of spending hours with your feet in the snow, what’s the point of climbing 900m to go and see species that will no longer exist tomorrow, if not to share it with a large audience, to interest them and make them aware of the importance of our actions and of protecting the environment as a whole. “

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