Are you an Orienteering enthusiast? Discover the routes offered by Vaujany

The aim of orienteering is to find your bearings using natural and artificial elements (isolated tree, rock, bench, signpost) to find the markers symbolised on the map by a circle.

The start is symbolised by a red triangle. The order of search is imposed, but you are free to choose your path to get there. At each marker found, punch your map with the red clip embedded in the wooden post. Throughout your journey, check that the pictograms on your leaflet correspond to the punches on each marker.

Always confirm your position by identifying on the map elements that you can observe around you: buildings, roads, copses, signs, crossings, etc.

Once you have punched the last marker on your route, return to the start to complete your loop.

Orienteers, it’s up to you!

Our different routes can be downloaded below and documentation is available at the Tourist Office.
It is the responsibility of all orienteers to assess their ability to practice orienteering:
■ Be discreet, people live and work there every day.
■ Respect private property.
■ Pick up your rubbish, do not leave anything on the ground, rubbish bins are at
bins are at your disposal.

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