Our Quality Tourism commitments:

Located in the heart of the Oisans, on the road to the great passes and belonging to the prestigious Alpe d’Huez ski/mountain bike domain, Vaujany is on a strategic axis in terms of tourism development.

Our Tourist Office must be up to the challenge of tourism, and for several years now we have chosen to place quality at the heart of our concerns and within our tourism strategy in order to allow for a constant progression in the quality of our destination.

Aware of the demands of our visitors as to the quality of the services offered, concerned about the satisfaction of our partners but also about the concerns of our elected representatives, the Tourist Office team has set 4 priority quality objectives and clearly displays its quality commitments.

  • Quality human relations
    Satisfying a customer, a partner or a colleague means above all listening to them, understanding them in order to better advise them or help them in their search
  • Efficient and pleasant working conditions
    By improving the organisation and internal communication of our services (in particular team meetings), we enable each member of our team to fulfil his or her potential and to show his or her dynamism within a united team
  • A competent and trained team
    By encouraging our staff to follow various training courses, to participate in seminars, and to take part in local and foreign tours in order to develop their knowledge of the services on offer, we offer each member of the team the opportunity to demonstrate their professionalism and dynamism
  • Actions committed to sustainable development
    Because tomorrow’s world can no longer ignore the principles of sustainable development, each of our actions (communication, purchasing, sorting, events, publications, etc.) must always respect this principle.

In order to offer quality services to our visitors, we are committed to :

  • Guarantee clear, precise and up-to-date information and facilitate access to it for everyone at all times
  • Optimising the provision of tourist information and its management
  • Providing a warm and personalised welcome, as close as possible to the visitor’s wishes and needs
  • Helping our visitors to organise their stay and book their activities
  • To listen to our visitors so that they contribute to the improvement of our services
  • In order to offer quality services to our partners, we are committed to :
  • Structuring, qualifying, promoting and selling the destination’s tourist offer
  • Monitoring the reputation of the territory and working to increase it
  • Enhance the value of local skills and resources
  • Propose collaborative actions aimed at boosting the region’s economic activity
  • Make partners aware of new trends and developments in the world of tourism
  • Work with local, regional and national tourism networks

Our sustainable commitments:

Because tomorrow’s world can no longer ignore the principles of sustainable development, all the staff of the Tourist Office are committed to implementing and respecting actions in favour of the environment (communication, purchasing, sorting, events, publications, travel, etc.). These eco-actions are listed in a charter, displayed in our premises.Concerned about the environment, the commune of Vaujany also wanted to have its efforts recognised and obtained the “Station Verte” label on 7 October 2014. A Green Resort is a welcoming territory in the heart of the terroir, recognised at national level as an organised resort, offering meaningful holidays, in favour of natural, authentic, human and environmentally friendly tourism.Thus, we encourage everyone (inhabitants, socio-professionals, tourists) to make their contribution to the good life in Vaujany:

Let’s recycle!

  • A map showing the location of the moloks, the composters and the waste collection centre is available at the Tourist Office and on  vaujany.com
  • Bulky goods are collected every first Monday of the month (registration required at the Town Hall – 04 76 80 70 95)
  • Traders have a cardboard box at their disposal.
  • Canisters for collecting used cooking oil are distributed to restaurant owners. They are collected twice a year and recycled by the CC Oisans.
  • A plant shredder is used in the autumn and spring. The shredded material is used in the commune’s flower beds.
  • Compost and shredded material are available to the population at the waste disposal centre.
  • A collection of waste on the tracks is organised in the spring.
  • Dog excrement bags and special bins are available in the village.
  • The wood from the clearing of a larch forest has been used to repair fences and reinforce paths.

Our commitments Category 1 :

The Vaujany Tourist Office, classified as Category I and a member of the national network of Offices de Tourisme de France®, is committed to :

  • Provide you with an easily accessible reception area and information area.
  • Facilitating your visits.
  • Provide you with furniture to sit on.
  • Inform you free of charge about the local tourist offer.
  • Display and distribute its opening times in at least two foreign languages.
  • Offer you free access to wifi.
  • Be open at least 305 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays during the tourist or entertainment season.
  • Answer your letters all year round.
  • Provide a permanent reception service staffed by people who speak at least two foreign languages.
  • To provide tourist maps, plans and tourist guides on paper.
  • Provide you with access to its dedicated trilingual website, adapted for consultation via on-board media.
  • To distribute its tourist information also on paper, translated into at least two foreign languages, concerning :
    – all classified tourist accommodation, including at least the name of the establishment, postal address, e-mail address, website address, telephone number and classification level;
    – monuments and cultural, natural or leisure tourist sites, which may include an indication of the usual rates, periods and times when they are open to the public, the website and telephone and postal contact details;
    events and activities
    – emergency telephone numbers.
  • Update its tourist information annually.
  • Display the emergency telephone numbers outside.
  • To present all the qualified offer of its intervention zone for all the customers.
  • Give you access to the availability of classified accommodation.
  • To deal with your complaints and measure your satisfaction.
  • To offer a tourist information service integrating new information and communication technologies (social networks, mobile telephony, geolocation, etc.).
  • Respect the requirements of the Quality TourismTM mark.
  • Provide you with a holiday advisor.
  • Guarantee the reliability and timeliness of information on the local tourist offer.

Our communications