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the EMV

Opening hours Vaujany Museum

In May
Wednesday May 15, 18, 22 and 29: 1:30-5:30 pm

In June
Tuesday June 4 : 1:30pm-5:30pm
Wednesday June 5 : 9am-12pm and 1:30pm-5:30pm
Thursday June 6 : 9am-12pm and 1:30pm-5:30pm
Saturday June 8 : 1:30-5:30 pm
Wednesday June 12 : 9am-12pm and 1:30pm-5:30pm
Saturday June 15 : 1:30-5:30 pm

Winter is a time to encounter the unexpected, travel, go on adventures and explore…

Step into the shoes of a pilot, mycologist, snowmaker or musher!

You will learn how to recognise animals by their tracks and flowers by their fragrances, and about avalanche control and the challenges of tourism development.

In short, the EMV is an immersive space for exploring nature, historical heritage, major local revolutions and the challenges of the future.

Engaging all your senses, this is a fun and interactive museum where you are encouraged to touch, look, wonder, learn and play with your family to your heart’s content.

The EMV is a space for curious souls where age is just a number. It is an adventure of discovery that is full of surprises and emotions, with plenty to do and experience!

And what do we find there?

After a spectacular and somewhat sensational arrival in Vaujany (we’re not giving away any surprises just yet!), you follow the animals’ tracks into the forest.

Before you venture out, you will be given all the keys to understanding this unique territory: a multimedia animation will help you understand how the landscapes were formed, and what makes Vaujany’s geology exceptional. You will be taught how the movement of the African and Eurasian Plates formed the Alps, about the evolution of the mountains, and what makes them so special!


An animated model featuring small moving pictures will take you on an educational journey through the landscape, where you will hear about small crags and waterways, ski slopes and everything that makes up the landscape.

Then the adventure can begin.

An immersive walk through the forest introduces you to all its features:

– Wildlife: you will learn who lives in which environments and at what altitude,

– Flora: a huge interactive herbarium will help you recognise the flowers you encounter on your walks and those hidden under your skis in the winter that make spring here so enchanting. Boxes will reveal the secrets of the local pharmacopoeia, such as the recipe for Génépi liqueur or the spiced jam typical of the peaks,

– Mycology: you will become an expert forager or an outstanding cook,

– You can also have fun in the forest learning to recognise animal tracks, the call of the black grouse and the snort of the wild boar.

We will even reveal the secret way in which trees breathe!

Enjoy a moment of pure scientific magic!

The museum is bathed in an atmosphere which, thanks to the immersive technologies used, brings the whole experience to life.

Your walk will also introduce you to the men and women who have made and continue to make Vaujany what it is today:

Magical little boxes will reveal their hidden secrets. You’ll explore the past life of the village through the stories of our elders, the seasonal movement of livestock to the summer pastures and the first peals of the school bells. You’ll hear passing pedlars, and be reminded of all the jobs people once did here…

You will then switch to Vaujany as it is today: a preserved village with town planning rules and building regulations, a tourist resort with its services and positioning.

This is also where you will be introduced to big companies and everyday routines in the mountains, whether it’s a question of limiting avalanche risks or preserving roads. You will hear about all the techniques and new professions (what a snowmaker really does, what exactly a musher’s life entails, etc.), through videos and interviews with residents, technicians, and… enthusiasts!

Lastly, you’ll learn about all the local entertainment here, our celebrations and balls, and everything that makes life in Vaujany so wonderful!

You can then get stuck into the challenges of future development! Having mastered the town’s historical development data, you can practice your own political and strategic decision-making: three “interactive walls”
invite you to tackle major contemporary challenges and implement a regional policy, or simply measure the impact of your own behaviour.

When you emerge from the forest, delighted and more knowledgeable, you will head back… into the air!

At the end of this incredible experience, we have installed a real professional flight simulator, which will give you the unique opportunity to learn how to fly a plane over Vaujany and its surroundings: make sure you don’t crash though!

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