Fishing in a high altitude lake

Enjoy the exceptional panorama of the Grandes Rousses massif!

This activity is suitable for all levels and offers an introduction or improvement in the various fishing techniques and discovery of the mountain environment accompanied by a fishing guide.

Experience 48 hours of fishing with a night in a refuge

The mountains are also a place for micro-adventures, from complete sunrise experiences to the most exotic activities. For a total detox break, aim for slow altitude with only the panorama of the Aiguilles d’Arves, the Meije, the Etendard and the jumping of rainbow trout and char in the Bramant Lake as a backdrop and soundtrack. At sunset, head for the Refuge de L’Etendard, close to the lake, and known to hikers as a stopover on the glacial route up the Pic de L’Etendard. A wooden chalet and a simple and generous locavore table.

The ideal address for a first stay in a refuge with children.

Reservations can be made with Roland Claudel, mountain leader and fishing guide: 06 64 05 20 18.

Going for a walk with a naturalist

Whether you want to venture out with a naturalist on the trail of the mountain animal world or discover the insect kingdom in depth (their abilities, their way of life, their metamorphoses, all the material necessary for their study…) or even track down certain specimens in the wild, Vaujany has already set up a few not-to-be-missed events during the summer.

Reservations are required as places are limited.

Information and registration at the EMV on 04 76 11 11 91

Discover the geological hikes

Understanding the relief, the erosive forces at work and the significant phenomena that have shaped the landscape we observe is the very example of a new way of looking at the mountain that Vaujany invites us to take through these labelled hikes. The geologists of the Oisans Geological Centre teach us to take a scientific and fun look at the landscape around us. Totally safe, these GeoRandos are supervised by these experts who are also mountain guides. From 6 years old.

Information and registration at the EMV on 04 76 11 11 91

Sign up for the climbing school

Vaujany is a reference in Isère for an approach to verticality in a grandiose setting. A few years ago, Vaujany equipped no less than 12 climbing routes along the La Fare waterfall. In other words, it is a complete site which is aimed at all levels of climbers, from 2 to 6a. In the same state of mind and in all humility, the most experienced climbers meet here the families, all aware of the extraordinary heritage of such preserved sites. Particularly suitable for beginners, it also allows – even for the youngest – a gentle initiation, without apprehension, thanks to an easily accessible path.

Information on 04 76 80 42 55 or at the Tourist Office.

… or the pedal boat tour

In Vaujany, the pedal boat takes on the appearance of an educational tour of the Verney lake. Rather than pedalling aimlessly, the one-hour ride takes the curious to the EDF hydroelectric plant at Le Verney.

The aim? To learn about the historical and educational dimensions of the site as you ride along, thanks to a member of the Hydrelec museum, who is passionate about the history of the Verney hydroelectric power stations – the old one – and Grand’Maison – the powerful one. Unusual and instructive.

Information at the Tourist Office

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