V.O Coaching

V.O. Coaching offers individual private ski lessons in the Vaujany ski area, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. You’ll receive professional, attentive tuition from our qualified instructors, who will be delighted to share their passion with you. While having fun, you’ll quickly learn all the secrets of skiing, how to enjoy the slopes and how to progress with confidence. No matter how much time you spend with us, whether you want to ski with family or friends… You’ll find the right solution for you.

Private lessons for all ages & all levels from 1 to 5 people (maximum).

2-hour lesson: from €130*.
1/2 day lesson: 180 €*
Full-day lesson: €350* * (price per lesson, not per person, €15 for each additional person)

Special courses: “Smart” courses in limited numbers

Children: special holiday lessons: 3 hours x 3 days: €230 per person (minimum 3 people and maximum 6 people)

Free ride: it’s all about freedom, nature and adventure, but it’s also about getting away from the increasingly crowded slopes. Accompanied by a professional, you can learn or improve your technique on all types of snow, discovering a unique emotion.

Contact: 06 70 90 50 50 / monicavocoaching@free.fr


Private ski & snowboard lessons with Christelle Morin

State-certified instructor. Progress at your own pace and with a smile!

Gain confidence from beginner to advanced skier. Children, adults, families…

– Off-piste initiation
– Ski touring (programme available for groups, clubs, etc.)
– Slalom training
– 1/2 day, full day or week.
– 2-hour lesson

– Lessons can be adapted to suit your needs, depending on availability.

Prices :
1/2 day : from 210€
Full day: from 400€
2 hours – 1 person: 130€
2h – 2 to 4 people: 150 2h30 – 2 to 4 people: from 180

Contact: 06 83 14 05 74 / ski.christelle@gmail.com


Ski active – Barbara Maublanc

The Ski ACTIVE school invites you to discover and learn downhill skiing, snowboarding and telemark skiing in Vaujany.

You’ll be taught and practised at your own pace, learning motor skills and gaining confidence in these winter sports.

You’ll discover the pleasure and joys of the mountains so that your holidays become and remain unforgettable.

Private lesson :
2 hours individual: €120 / 3 hours individual: €180

2-hour commitment: €150 / 3-hour commitment: €200 (2 to 5 people)

Full day – 6 hours: €370

* additional person: €30

Other services available:

Girls Ski Camp: Ski lessons + massages for a small group of 3 to 5 people – 2 sessions of 2.5 hours and a 30-minute recovery massage: €190 per person

Combine Ski + Yoga in a private package with 1
3h ski session + 1 hour yoga: €220 per person

Contact: 06 60 27 60 32 / barbaramaublanc@me.com


Pure ski guiding


My aim is simple: to share with you the infectious pleasures of skiing in the Grandes Rousses massif and even further afield… !

Denis offers you :

– Off-piste skiing
– Ski touring
– Heliskiing
– Mountaineering
– Trekking…

In small groups (6 skiers max), professional supervision and a spirit of conviviality are the core values of Purskiguiding.

Your safety and enjoyment are our priorities.

Contact: 06 07 56 20 92 / denis@pureskiguiding.com

Bureau des Guides de l’Oisans

The Bureau des Guides is a small team of mountain guides and mountain leaders who can help you discover the hidden face of one of the world’s biggest ski resorts.

The guides’ office can accompany you on all your mountain activities:

– Discovery skiing

– Off-piste skiing

– Ski touring

– Heliskiing, ice climbing and mountaineering…

Discovery skiing :
– Day in private commitment from 9am to 4pm :

1 person: 400 € / 2 people: 200 € / 3 people: 134 € / 4 people: 100 € / from 5 to 8 people max: 40 € extra per person.

– Group day from 9am to 4pm :

90 € per person

Off-piste skiing :

Group outings: 1/2 day: €100 per person / day: €130 per person (loan of safety equipment included – group of 3 to 6 people).

Ski touring :

Group outings: 1/2 day: €100 per person / day: €130 per person (loan of safety equipment included – group of 3 to 6 people)

Heliskiing :

Descent of the Grand Sablat glacier with helicopter return: €160 per person

Contact: 04 76 80 42 55 / info@guidesalpedhuez.com


Open from December to April from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.
Open all year round by phone or e-mail

Air to Kite Boardercamp

Air to Kite Boardercamp offers snowboarding lessons from beginner to expert, including freestyle and freeride. Air to Kite also offers snowkite courses, an activity that lets you glide across the snow on a kite.

Snowboard lessons for groups of 6 people maximum and private lessons for 5 people maximum.

Technical assessment and observation, naming common terms-warm-up-balance-first glide and assisted turns-discovering the possibilities of using the board, setting up educational techniques-evolving on different terrain according to level.

Snowkite course for 2 people maximum: theory, spot environment activities, set up, safety check, piloting the traction zone, first glide.

Intermediate course: folding and unfolding, using the terrain, independent course exploring the area, discovering the possibilities of the activity.

Contact: 06 31 79 52 41 / sebastien@air-to-kite.com


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