Vaujany is proud and looking forward to welcoming the "GFNY Alpes Vaujany" Mythical New York cycling race and extended internationally with various events around the world is now present in Vaujany

The first GFNY NYC race was held in 2011 and since then GFNY has expanded to a worldwide series of 20 events.

With 4000 meters of vertical drop over 118 km, the long course GFNY Alpes Vaujany is a test for the legs and the will. The race begins with a neutralized descent in the mountain town of Vaujany. After a rapid descent, the first challenge of the day begins: the 25 km climb to the Croix de Fer pass, first through the forest, then along the Grand’Maison lake, then to its summit. breathtaking 2067 meters. After descending the pass in the direction of Saint Jean de Maurienne you will find a part of the valley that will allow you to breathe and recover before attacking your second challenge of this event and not the least, the Glandon pass with it is 21.3 km long and 6.9% average slope, its highest point at 1924 meters will offer you breathtaking views. Then comes the long descent of the Croix de Fer pass before tackling your last challenge of the day: the short but difficult ascent to Vaujany and finally celebrate your arrival with the pride of having crossed two of the most beautiful and famous passes. alpine.

THE LONG COURSE IS A COMPETITION: Only those who complete the 118 km course are eligible for the classification by category, the awards ceremony and the podium. If you want to run and be classified in your category, you have to complete the long course.

The 20% of finalists in each age group qualify for Priority Airlock at each GFNY World Event.

The average GFNY Alpes Vaujany course seems easy on paper with its only 43 km. But make no mistake, the 1800m of elevation gain is sometimes demanding, and if you will enjoy 20km of descent, the remaining 20km of climbs will be a challenge.

After the initial neutralized descent of Vaujany (altitude 1245m), you will enter directly into the rise of La Croix de la Fer, and from the start he will test you. The first 8 kilometers take place on a straight and regular road with an average gradient of 8% with a maximum of 14%. After a short break in the village of Rivier d´Allemont, a short descent takes you to the last 8 kilometers of ascent. Expect a brief 20% ass kick before the road reverts to a more moderate 8% average. A few sections of 2 to 3% will allow you to rest a little before reaching the return point and the refreshment station of the magnificent Lac de Grand’Maison (altitude 1743 m).

After the 16 km descent to the valley (795 m above sea level), you still have to face the final ascent to Vaujany. It is regular and has nice laces, but with an average 8.6% you will definitely earn your moment of glory when you arrive in Vaujany.

Cycling tip: make sure you bring your approved mountain equipment.

THE AVERAGE COURSE IS NOT A COMPETITION: Runners on the average 40km course will be given their start time to finish, but will not be ranked by finish time. All arrival times will be listed in alphabetical order.

There are different categories; individual, team or duo

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Sunday 27 August 2023.


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