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A feeling of freedom, of escape. When the skis float on the snow, when the ice axe is stuck in the icefall, when the paraglider's wing lifts us up or when the snowshoes guide us in an isolated place... Reservation required.

We think we are alone to enjoy these moments! But did you know that here, in these rocks where everything seems deserted, animals hide and try to survive? Far from prohibitions, the idea of the film is to meet with mountain enthusiasts to discover their passions, and to provide keys for a better practice of these activities by reducing our impact. Opening our eyes to discover these invisible species, and improving our practices to be able to do them for a long time: this is the challenge for the mountains of tomorrow!

Meeting and exchange with the director Guillaume Collombet.


Tuesday 7 February 2023 between 5 pm and 6 pm.


Amphitéâtre (Cinéma)
38114 Vaujany


Free of charge.

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