Puppet show by Compagnie En La. Combining puppets and theatre, the actors aim to get the children to interact throughout the story by stimulating their imagination.

Prince Badalbert and his faithful snail Chiki-Chika travel the world in search of a princess. He meets Princess Banana, but he can’t marry her because men eat bananas! It’s impossible to get close to Princess Etoile because her beauty sparkles so brightly. And the castle’s madman could help Badalbert if he wasn’t completely mad! Suddenly, drum roll, a messenger announces: “Queen Bigolon sends word that she is giving her daughter, the beautiful Princess Pompon, in marriage to whoever has the courage to kill the dragon!


Monday 5 August 2024 between 5 pm and 6 pm.


Salle des Fêtes
38114 Vaujany


Free of charge.


À partir de 3 ans


→ Registration at the welcome drink on sunday evening then at the 04 76 11 11 91 or 04 76 80 78 14 next days, depending on availability.

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