For a serene stay in the mountains, here are some tips for the safety of your children!

The mountains are a giant playground for experiences and memories for the whole family.

However, it is not without its dangers, and there are some things you should do to make the most of this environment.

In winter


  • Mittens, hat, scarf, helmet and tights. Bring more in case of loss.
  • A wetsuit or waterproof ski suit.
  • Lightweight, warm, waterproof après-skis.
  • Sunglasses and sun cream SPF 50.



  • Wear warm clothing, not forgetting my hands, head and feet.
  • Moisturise my skin to protect against redness.
    Drink and eat, as my body burns calories trying to keep warm.
  • Watch out for other skiers with my equipment.
    On the slopes, take care when overtaking, control my speed, stop at the edge of the slopes and not in the middle, respect the signs and markings.

In summer


  • Protect my head from the sun with a cap or hat.
    Sunglasses and SPF 50 sun cream.
  • Good walking shoes to keep up with my parents.
  • Water to keep hydrated.
  • I always bring a jumper and rain gear, as the weather changes quickly in the mountains.


  • Check the weather forecast before setting off on your hike.
  • Tell the people around you or the Tourist Office that you are leaving and where you are going.
  • Take a map of the trails or an IGN map with you.
  • Never set off alone.
  • Choose your route according to your level, your current physical condition and the weather.
  • Don’t hesitate to call on the services of a professional to accompany you.
  • Respect nature and don’t leave rubbish behind.

Useful numbers


National Gendarmerie: 04 76 80 00 17
Police: 17
Emergency centre / Fire brigade: 18
Emergency services: 15
European emergency call: 112
Poison Control Centre (Lyon): 04 72 11 69 11
Allemond pharmacy: 04 76 80 78 64
Allemond medical practice: 04 76 80 68 81

Tourist Office: 04 76 80 72 37
Town Hall : 04 76 80 70 95
French ski school: 04 76 80 71 80
Children’s centre : 04 76 11 11 94
Ski lifts : 04 76 11 42 70
Slopes Service : 04 76 11 42 80

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