Film as part of Astronomy Week. French spoken.

Join Thomas PESQUET as he relives 6 months of weightlessness at an altitude of 400 km, from preparation at NASA’s training centre in Houston to spacewalks in the cosmic void.
Embark with the French astronaut on this fabulous journey in the International Space Station, through exceptional images that reveal the beauty and fragility of our planet Earth as seen from space. The film is complemented by short films about space.


Monday 5 August 2024 between 8.30 pm and 10 pm.


Cinéma (Amphitéâtre)
Bâtiment le Saphir
38114 Vaujany


Free of charge.


À partir de 8 ans


→ Registration at the welcome drink on sunday evening then at the 04 76 11 11 91 or 04 76 80 78 14 next days, depending on availability.

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