Massage by Sofia

At the Spa de la Perle de l'Oisans, Sofia will introduce you to the Renata França method, a massage method straight from Brazil, through three different massages.

All year round.

Lymphatic drainage
[Whole body - 1h]
This is a massage that relies on firm pressure and an accelerated rhythm. The exclusive pumping and manoeuvres provide immediate results
-Activates blood circulation and revives the lymphatic system
-Acts on cellulite
-Helps with sports recovery
-Reduces bloating
-Reduces oedema
The result is a light, deflated body and an assured feeling of well-being!

[Whole body - 1h]
A manual massage technique whose main characteristic is the application of vigorous, rapid and firm movements over the entire body.
This massage is designed to shape the adipocytes, i.e. move the fat to the right place and thus give the body more contour.
Kneading, pinching and sliding are some of the manoeuvres that guarantee amazing results!

The miracle face
[Face - 30min]
With an immediate effect, this facial massage deflates and reshapes the face.
It promotes the natural revitalisation of the skin and has the function of giving the face a new contour.
With lymphatic drainage and remodelling manoeuvres, it achieves a lifting and rejuvenating result.

To relax after a long day of skiing or just to treat yourself, don't wait any longer before booking your appointment!

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