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What is Cani-raquettes?

During a walk, share a great moment of complicity with a husky.
The cani-racket consists in walking in company of a Siberian husky, while guiding it by voice and precise gestures.

With the help of the animal’s pulling power, you can cover longer distances without getting tired, while enjoying the pleasures of nature and the emotional relationship that develops between the dog and the man.
A moment of relaxation and complicity, supervised by a musher.

From 6 years old

Duration: 4 hours

A special treat for children!

The Baby Sled Park for 3 – 7 year olds. A unique concept in France. A playful area dedicated to the initiation of dogsled driving.

Our mini-mushers will be able to discover the driving of a dog sled in a fun and educational way in a secure environment. Each session includes a theoretical part and a practical part with the dogs.
Group lessons for a maximum of 10 children.

From 3 to 7 years old

Duration: 2 hours

Come and share a wonderful moment with Barbara, Erwin and their huskies, during a dog sledding experience.

Discover their world and all the specificities of the dogs, in a friendly atmosphere and maybe you will have the chance to learn how to drive the sled!

During your holiday in Vaujany and through our beautiful mountains, create an unforgettable memory in the world of sled dogs.

An extraordinary family adventure!

Duration: 35 minutes

Contact : Team Ehawee – Ranch de l’Oisans : / 06 95 31 93 96 /

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